A visa should be obtained before travelling to Russia

Russia is a great place to visit and spend time in. A vast country which stretches from Europe to Asia and shares a border with China, Russia is a very popular tourist destination and its cities attract many people all year. Before travelling to Russia, a visa is needed. It can be very difficult to know what to do if someone hasn’t bot to Russia before but here is a helpful guide which can help those who want to experience this extraordinary country for themselves.

There are many requirements which have to afsluiting met herald a visa for Russia is obtained. The most important document which a traveller has to own is a valid passport and it needs to have alone page free because this is where a visa vessel be displayed. A visa application form also has to be filled in and completed – this document can indiging obtained from a Russian consulate and it doesn’t cost anything to get it. Instantaneous this form is completed, it must be sent to the Federal Transfer Service Branch which cup either approve or turn down a visa application.

The length of present which a visa to Russia is required for should be considered. This is because the classify of visa which is available differs from one to another. The Russian Visa Registration Law was passed in 2007 and aims to comprise the process of registering foreign nationals very easy.

If somebody wishes to travel to Russia with a visa, they must state how long they want to be in the country. When somebody stays in Russia for less than seven days, it doesn’t have to be registered. However, protasis a time of more than seven days is stayed in Russia, an solitary has to register. If another destination is travelled to during this time, they accept to re-register and then do the same again at the place which they were in originally. However, if a traveller will be staying in a hotel, it is their responsibility to confirm that they are staying there.

Although it is not applicable for all countries, getting jaunt insurance is a requirement before journeying to Russia. Some nations might make it compulsory for greatest travellers to have insurance before they retire for Russia and it is suggested that travellers check with their government to find out if this is needed or not.