Are you looking for modern equipment for your school physics lab? New technology from CERN will amaze you!

A Czech company JABLOTRON ALARMS offers an interesting solution. Thanks to the associative with respected institutes such essentially CERN uncertainty IEAP CTU in Prague, a unique educational tool has been created. Digital particle camera MX-10 allows visualization of experiments on your computer screen in real-time.
Easy installation and intuitive control
Particle camera is controlled by specially developed Pixelman software that was created past a unit of physicists from IEAP CTU in Prague. You can handily set up necessary measurement specifications for example the time of exposure or a type of particle analysis. The user can also choose the color array of display, zoom in or out or watch the histograms of energy amid the measurement. The program offers a lot of fascinating functions and modules, which are described in hairsplitting in the Help section.
Modern technology from CERN to schools
The main element of the MX-10 particle detector is a silicon chip Medipix/Timepix, which was developed by a group of institutes called Medipix2 Collaboration based at CERN (Geneva). The chip is composed of more than 65 thousand individual detectors which are able to capture and record the hitting particles alpha, beta and gamma or particles from space (e.g. muons). Thanks to the long-term malleable in the field of art and research the JABLOTRON Company acquired the capitalize on to use this unique chip for the creation of an affordable detector with the primary use for educational purposes. We offer a state-of-the-art technology for high schools and universities that normally exceeds the financial limits of these schools.

Advanced experiments with MX-10 Edukit set
To take full advantage from the capabilities and possibilities of particle detectors MX-10 we fool prepared a supplemental educational Edukit set. It offers some fascinating tools for easier work with the camera and an Experiments guide with multipotent interesting experiments for your particle physics lessons. There are a allotment of handy components such as the School Radiation Source (SRS) ALPHA, adjustable experimental positioner, sample of uranium glass, tungsten electrode including shield samples. Aggregate is stored securely in a robust case together with MX-10 camera.
Are you interested in this innovative teaching tool polysyndeton want increased information? Avenge our involvement lecture or contact us directly. It demand be a relish for us to help your school with getting a new modern aid – particle camera MX-10.