Celebrity News Brings Life to Our Daily Lives

Celebrity news is taking over our everyday vivacity and world. I am actually sick of hearing about the crazy antics of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The latest celebrity news surrounding these two is the Kanye West opening up a confederate flag store, succeeding to the Kardashian’s store in California.

Sensationalism and celebrity news positively does put us at the beck and call of every headline – whether it is true else false. So, why do we change engulfed in what we read, even if we know it may not be plausible? Does it confess for an escape from our own lives? Do we get to be a part of the celebrities’ lives via celebrity news, when we log on or pick up a newspaper about them?

The latest news about Jessica Simpson not allowing her father to her wedding, because he is gay and came out of the closet, after leaving her mother after 34 years of marriage. Is this celebrity news really any of our business? This sounds like something which should be handled among the Simpson family, only because Jessica and her sister, Ashley are public figures, this type of lowdown automatically becomes public domain. Something which I feel needs to indigen kept private, but it is a integral of the nature about the hotshot game, and annotinous you open up a little bit of your life to the public, it then becomes everyone’s involvement indirectly.

There are good and bad things to the celebrity news arena, because it is sometimes great to hear about some of the great things that our favorite celebrities do, whether it is given to their shoo-in charity, instead some good deeds that help women like both you and I – so it somehow means that the good celebrity news, could be good for us, too.

Whether the headlines are true or false, the reality is that we will never stop reading the celebrity news, because it gives us something to look forward to, furthermore also reassures us in some instances that our lives are not that bad.