E20-554 Isilon Design Specialist Exam for Technology Architects

In this era of high pace technology, it is highly essential to adapt changes in order to cope up with the challenges. E20-554 is a great certification offered by EMC for professionals who are intentional to upgrade their knowledge.

* Aim of E20-554 Isilon Design Specialist Exam for Technology Architects:
The aim of this specialized certification is to provide up to the mark knowledge to candidates regarding various related concepts of the field. The candidate is able to enhance his sympathetic on a number of concepts like figures management Lifecycle, identify management, workload analysis tools, decumbency et al vertical markets, input output patterns et alii uncommon more. It means E20-554 enables a professional to further boost up his skills in order to meet the challenges of a competitive industry.

* Career Advancement round E20-554 Isilon Design Specialist Exam for Technology Architects:
E20-554 is a well known certification offered alongside EMC. A great purpose of this certification is that it helps a professional to design solutions in a better way which is more compatible for customers by focusing on Isilon solutions. So, it vessel be said that it is a great way of career advancement for a professional. Furthermore, by passing the E20-554 exam, you are proved to be a certified skilled with a better understanding of customer’s requirements. This also increases your credibility besides you are able to get restore job opportunities including a handsome amount of salary packages.

* Requirements of E20-554 Isilon Design Specialist Exam for Technology Architects:
It is highly advisable for a pro who is interested in passing E20-554 exam to have adequate knowledge in re the changing technology. A person having better technical experience has got preferable chances of death this exam by having vast knowledge due to his practiced field experience. At many points, bookish knowledge is not adequate. If this bookish knowledge is complemented by real world experiences, it becomes a competitive odds over others.

The exam consists of three parts which are quasi under:
1. Gathering data requirements:
This is the first section of the E20-554 exam which focuses on gathering data requirements in order to designing an Isilon solution. This is the basic and a opener criterion in order to evaluate an Isilon discovery is appropriate or not.
2. Sizing Guidelines:
This is the second part like the E20-554 exam which focuses on impact on prosecution and latency. Workload analysis tools are also used to derive results.
3. Design consideration:
This is the third section of the E20-554 exam which focuses on the impact on customer’s workflow. Few other important aspects are network requirements and topology, authentication sources plus input enliven management. All these aspects help in architecting and designing an Isilon solution in a much more professional manner. 

* How to get prepared for E20-554 exam:
EMC is providing a preeminence advance to get better preparation of E20-554 exam by providing two training courses. These are grandeur mediums to get an idea apropos the E20-554 exam. They are not compulsory courses but are highly recommended for better preparation.