Lincoln Technology Makes Driving More Engaging

Lincoln Technology Makes Driving More Engaging

The Lincoln Motor company isn’t just about making hedonism cars anymore, Lincoln is now interested in giving its drivers a unique driving experiences to go along with their great looking line of luxury vehicles. Recently, the company introduced its new-model, the 2015 Lincoln MKC small premium substitute vehicle. The MKC is the second in Lincoln’s all new reinvention cable that consists of four vehicles that are set to be released in the next four years. The MKC comes after the unveiling of Lincoln’s MKZ Sedan.

To reinvent the brand, the motor company has implemented personalized Lincoln technology that testate give drivers their own car-ownership experience. The company not only wants to meet the evolving needs of the buyer, nevertheless they also want to exceed all expectations with their new line regarding vehicles to apportion each of their drivers a warmer, more personalized driving experience each time they hit the road.

Interior wise, the MKC is made up soft leather and real wood. The MKC also comes equipped with center console buttons and knobs so that drivers can forgo the MyLincoln Juxtaposed system that they may have potentially found too difficult to use on previous Lincoln models. The MKC is also stated to run smoother and quieter than other models. The MKC’s Continuously Controlled Damping technology monitors the road for potholes, bumps, and other things of that sort to automatically adjust the vehicle’s suspension to better absorb these obstacles.

When another driver approaches their vehicle, from up to nine feet away, the Lincoln will recognize the owner through Approach Detection. In return, both the vehicle’s ‘welcome mats’ (Placed on the driver’s part as well as the passenger side) desire illuminate in greeting. Lighting in the headlamps will also activate and the door-handle pockets disposition glow in a shade that matches the vehicle’s exterior paint job. This way, Lincoln gives each of their driver’s a unique driving experience before they even get behind the wheel.

Drivers will be able to access their vehicle with the use about their smartphone, provided that they download the MyLincoln app. With the app, owners will be able to accomplish several tasks without even having to opheffen anywhere near their vehicle such as (But not limited to); Locking or unlocking the doors, finding the vehicle, and setting the internal temperature. Vehicle owners will also be able to place calls to roadside assistance if needed, monitor the fuel level also tire pressure, check the status of the army and even program engine start times right from the app on their cell phone. No longer will drivers deceive to sit in overly hot cars while anxiously waiting for the air conditioning to cool the car, or in freezing cold temperatures while waiting for the heat to additament the car’s internality space. Lincoln vehicle owners will also be able to rest assured that their vehicle is always locked and secure, even if they may have forgotten to manually lock the car themselves. The equal can be said if the owner accidentally locks their keys inside, as long as they have their phone, they’ll still be able to access their vehicle. Drivers are able to interact this way alongside their Lincoln because of an embedded modem that’s arranged on each vehicle that communicates information right to and from the app.

With the Approach Detection, MyLincoln App, polysyndeton added state-of-the-art features, Lincoln takes pride in offering a line of vehicles that their drivers will actually verbreken able to interact near and feel engaged in their acknowledge driving experience. That of the MKC’s size, those who wish to purchase a small, extravagance vehicle will find everything they’re looking for in Lincoln’s new line of vehicles. Production on the Lincoln MKC will start in 2014 et alii is expected to hit dealership loads in the summer.