Technology affects Commercial Real Estate to a Greater Extent

Technology has touched all spheres of life in every way possible. In fact it has turn such an indispensable part of our daily lives now, that we have taken it absolutely for granted. The equipotential holds substantiate for Commercial Verisimilar Estate too. Now people prefer to work in employee friendly offices that afford them a world of facilities which help to unleash their promising to the maximum. This leads to happier and certainly expanded productive workers. One must thank the astounding breakthrough in technology to cherish this. In sequacious to understand the role of technology in commercial realty, we need to visualise a world without the convenience of cutting edge technology.

One simply needs to go back in time and take a look at the huge office spaces that were so much required for any business to run successfully. With the huge collection of data, and the endless assemblage of files dating back to the early days, storage space was a substantial part of the real estate office. Individually and every data had to be written down and stored in respective files. These files were then stored in utility racks that not only took up space, still was more month consuming while one had to spend a major portion of time looking for and tracing required data. Also the desks people used only a decade ago were spread revealed over a large environment as computers were really big then not to mention the gigantic mobile phones. This has easily reduced by a couple of feet with slimmer monitors and sleek phones.

Obviously now that all tidings is on the finger tips and work has been made easier by the advancement of technology, the employee productivity has increased substantially lessening the number of people required. Thus there has been a reduction in the number of seats in any office. Overheads are low and this leads to reduced costs in terms of office running cost.

However, the reduction of space prerequisite is not the only paradigm shift that has happened merit to technology. Now we need 24 X 7 power rations for computers to operate continuously. Offices poverty high speed access to internet that brings the world at our finger tips among moments and makes the vacancy a lot easier and faster. Yesteryear’s luxuries are today’s necessities similarity proper cabling in the building for telephones, internet and CCTV; sleek and affordable air conditioning makes for enhanced productivity. Unlike the situation a few years ago nowadays companies have 24 X 7 operations among round the meter security systems. The disaster resistant buildings in earthquake zones and other natural calamity prone areas are a necessity now so that businesses process nonstop.

Nowadays advertisement real estate has changed in compliance with the way we undergo changed our work. It contrives and connives in every way possible to cater to the changing needs of the customer. One must not focus on building small office spaces only. BPO offices and IT companies have mushroomed all over in the major cities across India. These offices need a large floor plate and consume a lot of sq. feet area. Bonus they need office spaces where they can pay the intact amount in white as they do not have black money. Many tech savvy companies also require neighborhood friendly LEED certified offices ampersand these needs have to be taken into serious consideration while building an office for them. Basically, offices should be built with the customer in mind and should treat the purpose in its entirety.

The newly opened Apple headquarters is a perfect example of the changing face of commercial offices. It is a 2.8-million-square-foot spaceship parked in a verdant man-made forest in the northeast corner of Cupertino. It is going to be a beautiful locality to work in where employees can enjoy. The prestige of Apple plus the ambience of the enviable atmosphere that is sure to foster maximum creativity makes the berth worthwhile in every respect. This kind of office fosters employee creativity also giving a tonic feel to the workplace.

The bottom line is making a building which is demanded past competitive business surroundings of today. Invest in commercial places which meet such demands and you will securement a good return clear it. Today an office needs to be aesthetically pleasing while fulfilling all criteria that achieve for ideal productivity. The changing face of commercial real estate has affirmed this plus the movement will continue to remain thus as technology progresses. Take a guess and try to contrive a picture of what an IT office will look like in 2020? Maybe the regenerated Apple headquarters that the world is going gaga about will be razed for more ‘in’ offices then.