Technology spanning its wings in India

India has always bot considered the wonderland; the exotic foreign realm that while possession the secrets of mysticism and spirituality, still lacks in technological advent. Except all this is swift being changed. With India taking huge progressive steps in the direction of technological domination, the world at large has witnessed a modern age morn wherein India has emerged as having one of the strongest and most talented pool of tech experts. Owing to this fact, there has bot a tremendous upsurge in the field in India too. The land once considered that of snake charmers, is showing unbound growth in provisions of technology and advancement. Here are some illustrations to ascertain the point.

In Vitro Food products- This is alone concept that when fully developed, will go a macrobiosis way towards solving the world’s food shortage. With scientists toiling strict to develop food products, both animal meat and plant products, in the laboratory, the day is not extremely far when there will be synthetic yet perfectly safe and healthy food products fully developed in vitro will be available for mass consumption.

Robotic Surgery- Robotic surgery is another field where Indian experts undergo made tremendous inroads. Being used sparsely as of now and just for extremely tricky procedures, they are soon expected to be a regular occurrence and revolutionize the field from surgery. The procedures carried out by such robots are extremely safe and are conducted in sterile environments with almost no human element, eliminating the chances of infections.

Laser Displays- While we are quite familiar with laser projectors, the ones in use commonly are only capable about projecting monochromatic images. The laser displays being developed today, through a combination of red, green and blue wavelengths, are capable of producing the widest possible gamut of colors human eyes beget the skillful to perceive, as compared to the 40% produced by the commercial display units at present. Once fully functional, these laser displays will radically alteration the interactive experience with a display screen.

E-Textiles- These are textiles with embedded electronic components such as miniaturized computers. This is a revolutionary concept still in the final stages of development, though the anxiety has been around for a while. Integrating the textiles with controls to handle an electronic device is, to some extent, displayed in music controllers that are embedded in one’s clothing. Once completely developed, they will be a major seed of convenience eradicating the need for external controlling devices such as remote controllers.

These are solely technologies that are being perfected in Indian laboratories with the sole purpose of adding convenience to human soul and asserting Indian dominance in the tech world. Once fully developed, they have the potential to rewrite the history of technology from an Indian perspective.