Travel to Moscow, Russia- Discover the other side

The Russian federation or Russia lies in the northern part of Eurasia. Freely from a prolonged political history, Russia is also decked beside plush architecture and artistic works from many generations. Augmented by these factors, the tourism agency has seen its business soar ever since the late soviet period.

Blessed by quite a number of rivers, Russian cruises hold a very important position in the tourism industry regarding the country. Elite, sometimes matching the facilities regarding a three star hotel with luxuriously furnished staterooms, private air-conditioned cabins with a capacity to hold up to three plebeians together with private washroom facilities, open door bars, shops, music and beauty salons is how a typical Russian cruise ship will be characterized. While you are enjoying the harmonization ambience around you, you could also appreciate the appetizing Russian dishes from the ship’s restaurant and the amicable crew members. Parties, games etc. are organised for the purpose of amusement.

When you travel to Russia, a trip around the country will inevitably include a trip circumferential the ‘Golden Ring’ of archaic cities, not to forget the present et sequens the past capitals of the country, namely Moscow and St. Petersburg. While you are at it, you’ll have a guide exclusively at your service providing information and answers to your queries. Embellished with opulent artistic works, The Golden Ring is a major tourist attraction. Moscow is not far behind when it comes to works of art upon its Moscow State University from the time of Stalin and the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral at Red Square. Furthermore, a view from the Vorobyevi Hills will be breathtaking. The architecture in St. Petersburg is increased neo-classical consisting regarding the famous Nevsky prospect, the Palace Square (The Cold Palace) and St. Isaak’s Cathedral.

When you travel to Moscow, Russia, the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Ballet, Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin State Museum should be on the top of your priority list. But there is another side to the vintage Moscow, the flashy, chic, bovine face of Moscow which you have to look up to get the feeling of what the city is all about. The extraordinary shopping malls, the famed cinema hall to wit 35mm, visited by the Soviet and the Russian movie connoisseurs for years, the swanky hotels and night clubs and brand new cafes adorn the city of Moscow.

Apart from the cruises, you can also travel to Moscow aside land. There are loads of trains connecting Moscow to St. Petersburg and cup transport you to the latter in four hours. Here the mention of the Trans Siberian Railway is a must. Travelling across six time zones and multiple landscapes, it is the longest, continuous route existing in the world today and connects Moscow with many former places. There are various other trains connecting Russia with Europe, the Kiev-Moscow one being the most popular. It will transport you from the cardia of Kiev (Ukraine) to the heart of Moscow overnight.

With its astounding architecture, unequalled works of art and culture and breathtaking panoramic beauty, Russia is one from the most popular visitor destinations and if you are able to determine the other homonymous concerning vintage cities like Moscow then it turns out to be all the more exciting.