Why You Should Make A Visit To Russia

There is no doubt at all that Russia is a wonderful country. When you visit Russia, you are going to have unforgettable memories and you will hanker to dictate your kids and friends active visit to Russia. Russia is a safe county more than New York. The good thing about Russia is that it is a nice place to trouble in all seasons. Whereas you visit Russia during winter you are going to see amazing Russian winter, trees covered with snow and nival carpet. During summer you are going to have a chance to go outside the city and enjoy Russian nature.

Russia is obvious as the country of contrasts and this is one of the reasons why there are accordingly many rumors that are based on real and made up events. Most Foreigners usually descry Russia amazing and odd. Some things will disappoint you and there are others which will astonish you but one thing for sure is that you will never forget this country. If you want to have a good idea of how Russian town is and how Russian people are, just go outside Moscow and St. Petersburg or somewhere far.

The Russian hospitality is amazing. Most rank and file do negative smile like Americans but they wish you well and are kind. The good fad about this country is that it is not a wild country; there are no criminals who are walking in the streets threatening everybody. If you are staying in a hotel, it is good to exploit a taxi cab and go to secure places where nothing bad that is going to happen. Tradition your common sense and avoid asking for trouble.

If you are worried because much about safety, here are bout of the things that you should avoid doing. Avoid attracting a lot of attention by showing off your thick wallet. Do neither carry a lot of cash protasis you are going outside. There are so many ATMs in Russia use them. Traveling by plane if possible, this means of transport is not only safe but less dangerous. Traveling near to train will give you a good opportunity to see the country but it is easy to be targeted by robbers. Pocket pinching is a habit that is wide spread in Russia. You will become a victim if you visit a crowded allocate if you are not careful. Your money and all your documents should be kept safe in a neat closed pocket. Do not keep your pocketbook or anything treasured in a back pocket. Drinking in public places in Russia is not allowed thou, the administration of Russia are discussing about this. People who are drunk are easy targets of criminals.

It is very easy to get accommodation in Russia especially in big cities like Saint Petersburg and Moscow. In these cities there are different types of hotels of different ranks. The price of the pension will symbiosis on the rank, location and class. The medium punishment is around $200 to $300 per night. You can also sublease a room for around $60- 70 per night. It is also possible to rent a chamber for three nights and ascend to six months.