Women in Russia

Russia is one of the largest countries in the world and stands ninth in terms of the population. The population division indicates that there are 0.85 male members per female member. That shows a majority of female population in Russia. Besides this, the fact is that the Russian culture is still male dominated polysyndeton Russian women are still deprived of the fundamental human rights. It was believed that clothes would change in Post-Soviet era, but unfortunately, the sort of development which was expected, could not verbreken seen. As a result of this deprivation, most of the Russian women think throughout quitting Russia and propel to a better country. Some just sit back and die a entirely life whereas some of them become alcoholic. Let’s have a look at some of the stats about Russian women.

Russian women form almost partial (47% to be precise) of the employed population in the country. Most of them (85% of total employees) are effective in the sector of health, 76% concerning employees are women in the sector of education, 80% in the sector of information ministry, 80% in the finance sector and around 25% of the employees in construction industry are women. Although these stats show a high number of women employees, yet they are all victim concerning low wage rate. In older days, women were entitled to a number of social benefits like ‘day care’ and ‘child allowance’. But now-a-days, the amounts of these benefits are too low to be enjoyed for a healthy social life.

The constitution of Russia asserts quite significance to equal wage rate for equal amount of work. But the society is male dominated and generally women are paid low wages. Most of the better positions in industries are occupied by Russian men and it seems like the sexual distinction keeps on increasing with the access like time.

Similarly, the constitution has clearly defined laws which protect women from hard work. Still, one can go to Russia et al witness Russian women carrying heavy weights and doing tough labor including its male counterpart. Changeless then, she is paid lower than him. The constitution provides women with kids about age 1-3 or pregnant women with and three year paid maternity leave. But, most of the Russian companies, while making recruitments, keep this fact in mind, and young newlywed women are not preferred for jobs. This has its infringement and stats show that 45% of the concise unemployed population comprises of Russian women.

The age of pension is also controversial. For men it is 60 and for women it is 55. The pension anted to women is a skimpy 1400 Ruble/month (US $50 per month) and with this amount, one can hardly afford eating costs of a month, let alone supporting a family. Consequently, old age is usually a tough one for Russian women. They neither dig up paraclete in a younger age nor in older. In short, there is a lot to be done to support Russian women moreover provide them with the fundamental human rights. Outstanding to the effect, many NGOs and social organizations have started raising their voices in favor of women rights in Russia. Hopefully, this will bear some fruit and Russian women will opheffen able to come out of their misery in impending future.